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A Rose By Any Other Name.......

1/12/2011 2:50 PM

Man it's still some kinda cold out there! So don't poke your eye out with an icicle........

David has got the crud and had an issue with a Walgreen's Pharmacist. The guy ignored David and Baz had to settle for over the counter stuff. Hope he gets better soon. I know there has to be a couple of stories from the Bahamas that he just hasn't felt up to telling us, I just know there is.

Our Man at the Movies Danny-Joe Crofford watched the new Green Hornet last night. He said it was good and funny. He also said Justin Acri was in for the viewing. Justin will do anything to be the one to hold the bucket of popcorn.

Steve 'Wildman' Wilson brought a guest to talk about The Big Buck Classic. Lindy touched on that as well as the other events coming up this next week and month. Get her Buzz Newsletter will ya. It has everything you need to know.

We are getting ready to be involved with the Make -A-Wish folks. It's that time of year. It will be my first time with the Signal Media family. Lindy said $190,000.00 was raised last year and wants to bump that up to $200,000.00 this year. With your help it will be done.

We had a special little lady on The Show With No Name today. Rose is her name. Her favorite singer these days is Taylor Swift. Well there is no way we were gonna let Rose get out of the studio before she could hear some of T. Swift and certainly we had to have Rose sing along.

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