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Animals Are Us

1/13/2011 2:02 PM

I as a man fully admit that I am a, for lack of a better term or at least one that won't put my job in jeopardy, chauvinistic pig. I do believe that there are things that guys do better than gals. You can't use me as an example but I think guys make chili better.Tommy from the Big Buck Classic in house today and he brought his chili. The Big Buck Classic will be in full swing next Fri.-Sun. at the fairgrounds and among all the displays and booths there is a chili cook off. We will have tix to give away to you so keep listening and Danny-Joe Crofford will tell you how.

Now me being a pig is not why the Animal Planet was in studio today. Daniel Ross a taxidermist from Conway is being followed around by the cable channel. Mr. Ross is known as an extreme taxidermist. He will freeze dry your family pet, exotic, let Daniel tell what and why he do what he do.

Did I tell you that Tommy Smith and I are working out together? No I'm not kidding! At the same place and at the same time. If you would have told me that 2 years ago I would have said put it down and come to a meeting with me at noon. I bet The Show With No Name is the only morning show that the entire team goes to a gym. Scratch that, make it any show. We owe it all to David 'Man of the Year' Bazzel.

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