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1/14/2011 3:12 PM

Man is it me or has this been a longer than usual work week? No now I'm serious. They are telling me that is a new Zodiac sign and now I'm not a Libra I'm a Virgo. What? Are you serious? A new star cluster or whatever you call it has been there forever. So now I've been reading the wrong one all this time? That's just great! Well screw that baby boy. I'm not changing. As soon as I do that Libra will give me the winning lottery numbers and then where will I be. So lets not be fooled and think they have not slipped in and extra day in a week.

I know I mentioned it. Tommy and I started working out together and I tell you the man is the only person I know that doesn't mind leg day. Leg day! It is hated universally. OK David Bazzel is right. Only the weak minded fear it. I got thru one today. I told Tommy and Andrea that it has been more than a couple of months since I did legs so they took it easy on me. That's why I am just now getting the blog to you. We did the show in Hot Springs at Oaklawn Park and then headed straight to Cabot and Tommys' gym Prevail Fitness.

We did in fact broadcast from Oaklawn. The usual suspects were there Terry Wallace, David Longinotti, The Sheik of Bismark, and CORNEDBEEF! This year The Sheik is going to provide his picks for the price of FREE. I will put them in the blog each weekday race day.

Have a great weekend.

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