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Too Hot!

1/18/2011 11:05 AM

Jane Leeves from the virgin in the Contest episode of Seinfeld, followed by the assistant to Frasier, and now one of the stars on the new TV Land sitcom Hot In Cleveland was on The Show With No Name this morning. I don't know where the audio would be for that segment but I think producer extraordinaire Danny-Joe Crofford must have been in a closed door meeting with Justin Acri. I have nothing to base this on just purely speculation on my part. Jane seems to be the winner of hottest chick on the show as voted by Tommy, David, and I believe DJC. True she does have a set of long legs that at the age of 49 look very nice. I on the other hand would still have to choose Valerie Bertinelli.  Maybe it's because I grew up watching Val. Maybe it's because she liked to party. Maybe I may get tired after a month of hearing the British accent telling me to pick up after myself. Maybe it's because at 49 Valerie Bertinelli is just down right hot! Maybe I should wake up and finish the blog.

Rex Nelson was on the show today as well and he had all ears when he started rattling of restaurants and food. Rex got a new gig working with 9 universities. I don't know if he said what his job is or not. Even if he had I am not smart enough to comprehend. I just want to get a part time job as an appointee by the universities presidents or better yet the Governor. I could pay some bills with just the daily lunch per diem.

Hi my name is Roger and I have a back scratcher! I have a back scratcher shoe horn combo.

Be the first to call in the morning show tomorrow and proclaim that you too have a back scratcher and win a pair of tickets to the movies.

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