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Are The Holidays Over?

1/24/2011 11:09 AM

It seems this may be the first week since Thanksgiving that everybody is back to work and or school and a holiday is not celebrated during this week. Don't get me wrong I have always been a supporter of holidays and stood alone while others mocked me and spat at me. You were there. Well heck fire and shoot lookey at what I found! Today is National Peanut Butter Day and National Compliment Day. I guess you could tell people their peanut butter is cute.

Harry King did not make it in today. Rumor has it he could not find anything good to say about our Razorback basketball program and he was not going to be negative and say that the end is near and the program needs to put themselves on double secret probation. Of course The Show With No Name will not sugar coat as much so we kinda got blasted for our comments. Now let me be clear that U of A alum David Bazzel did not jump all over the Hogs. The guilty was myself, Tommy, and all but a couple of calls. One fella even shouted me down because of my size. An obvious good looking guy in some fancy jeans hater. Oh their out there Jerry you better believe it.

The Super Bowl is set and the Packers and Steelers will be going at it Feb. 6th. I guess if'n you're looking to hook up with some Buzz crew types, Bostons by the airport will be the place. The discussion today was pretty much in step with the national guys and that was did Cutler wimp out and is Roethlisberger just a beast at QB?

Oh my I almost forgot that Tommy unloaded on us a very scary story about someone finding his oldest sons' phone and trying to extort money by saying they had kidnapped Tommy Jr! Is that not wild? Thank goodness it wasn't true of course but the perpetrator had done this to other folks in the last couple of days and banked over $I00,000.00!. Tommy Smith is in front of or on the phone with the FBI as we speak, if you will. Not sure if we will workout together today or not.

Last thing.....only 55 days until the beginning of Spring....I hate cutting grass....It could be worse....I could be John Pelphrey

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