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There She Is Miss America.......1st Runner-Up

1/25/2011 11:28 AM

I couldn't find the late great host of The Miss America Pageant Bert Parks, but I found........Brad! Truth is indeed stranger than fiction. We had on The Show With No Name this morning 1st runner-up in this years pageant who is also current Miss Arkansas Alyse Eady. She is a Forth Smith girl who once gave tours showing and telling the history of her hometown concerning 'The Hanging Judge' Isaac Parker. If her knowledge of that and the movie True Grit wasn't enough she was a real beauty to boot. 

Danny-Joe gave the 2011 Oscar nominees. David and I have just about broken Tommys resistance to some of the shows we watch. In particular American Pickers and Pawn Stars. Tommy has seen one episode of each a couple of times now. Unfortunately they were the same episodes he had already seen. If you haven't seen them give'em a try. Both are on the History Channel with the new episodes of the season on Mondays. Pawn Stars had a guy on last night who had never before seen documents involving the Lindbergh baby kidnapping. I was a little surprised that David wasn't familiar with the story. He's just been too busy the last few years. Hey, it's the History Channel and he is catching up with a vengeance.

Tomorrow we broadcast live from the new WALMART SUPER DUPER MEGA COMPLEX....COMPLEX..COMPLEX..(it's echoing get it-it's so big) at Shackleford Crossing. Wildman will stop by the studio and so to should Lindy.

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