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1/26/2011 2:51 PM

The Show With No Name was broadcasting live during the opening of the newest Wal-Mart in the world. The Honor Guard, Mayor Mark Stodola, Fred....Fred....Fred..a state rep named Fred, and some very enthusiastic Wal-Mart employees. One in particular, a greeter, whose name escapes me would burst out into cheers. Any other time that happens you or I would call the cops. But not so fast my friend, we talkin 'bout Wal-Mart! It actually was a neat thing to see. Wal-Mart does it up right with America written all over it. That is the southern half anyway. A prayer and the National Anthem and then let the pigeons loose. We played a race to find a product between myself and Andrea the trainer to the stars. I found mine and got back before her but was labeled a cheater by Tommy and said opponent because I did the normal thing and asked an associate where the pet aisle was. I come to find out as Tommy and myself are working out that he gave a hint to Andrea but she failed to capitalize on it. So all things being equaled I destroyed her and her co-conspirator. The managers and the crew were very friendly and are eager to help you and you don't have to be in a race to get it. I was not able to hook-up on the WI-FI but that's OK, they provide us with some grub.

Like I said Tommy and I did go train after the show. It was a light leg day session. If I'm gonna have one that's the best kind I suppose.

Tomorrow is cardio day and I believe we will head out to Greystone Golf Course to walk and maybe hit a few balls. This just in.....the club is in trouble and I don't think they're in operation. Good news I'm teeing up on the green. Bad news is there are no carts. Now that I think about it maybe if they hadn't shut down the prostitution ring in Cabot the old timers would still be driving for show and putting for dough. Make up your own jokes at this time. I'm just kidding on one of the the facts I just stated. 

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