The Show With No Name


2/1/2011 12:13 PM

Shakespeare said it best more often than not. To blurt or not to blurt? That is the question. A blurter by any other name is still a blurter. My name is Roger and I am a recovering blurter. Blurt-to utter abruptly and impulsively. Once again I gave an answer to a question that David had asked. It was meant to be for the females in the audience. I have been a little tender lately and I guess the chick in me (we all have one in us) came out. I don't know what it is except it must be the wanna be Jeopardy game show contestant in me. I know the answer and the world must hear and they must hear it from me. If there is a doctor in the house, what does what you have read so far say about me?

I am a terrible mess but my teeth are clean. BOOM! I left a little early today to make the semi-annual trek for the cleaning of the teeth. My dentist is great. Paul Burton grew up with Tommy Smith and went to the U of A. I say the school so you know he is good. That'll tick some people off. The man loves the Three Stooges, and Beverly Hillbillies. Paul Burton even learned to tap dance. His mother Beulah forced him to. She said Fred Astaire dances and hes got class. Momma Burton was also an avid Wrasslin fan. Paul said his mom told him if he didn't......wait a minute I'm blurting! For the rest of that story make an appointment. 

Tomorrow Lindy and The Wildman come in studio.

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