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Nacho Bazzel Libre

2/3/2011 1:34 PM

Do you know what Nacho Libre means? Have you seen the movie? Have you ever seen the transformation of a man from mild manner friend of the friendless to hulking chest slapping wildman? I have. Let me tell you and can be a scary sight. That's why as as saw David Bazzel running down the hall wearing the mask of a bad guy wrestler I would scoot over to my chair and close my eyes. Danny-Joe brought in a Nacho Libre promotional mask for me to wear for a video. This video is to display Rasslin Man and possibly get Crofford and myself some TV time and if we're lucky some cash. We will leave that up to our management team at Forth Quarter Productions. Anyway, once ole number 53 got ahold of that mask he was up and down the halls, down in the GM's office, and then back in the studio slapping his opponents in the chest or putting Tommy Smith in a head lock! If I did what my boss Justin Acri has told me and learn to put photos on here I would show you. As it is you can see the Great Bazzel Libre on our Buzz Facebook page. Who knows, you may see the singing wrestler at next years Christmas Karaoke.

Oh yea believe it or not we did discuss last night game of our beloved Hogs. We all want Coach Pelphrey to do well of course and when we wonder out loud what in the world is going on up there we are just Monday morning quarterbacks or point guards if you prefer, venting our frustrations. Go Hogs!

Tomorrow I think trainer to the stars Andrea is making a visit. I know that in the morning my arms and chest will be a little sore. Today was a tough one at the gym. I reckon they're supposed to be. Tommy was sweating like a .........(insert own joke here). He does have a tremendous amount of lower body stamina.  She said I asked to have the biceps grow and that's the only way to make it happen is the work we are doing. Hey if I can feel out a Nacho Bazzel Libre shirt in the next couple of months the world will be a better place.

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