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It's The End Of The World As We Know It!

2/4/2011 11:29 AM

Before I forget I have to say thank you to Al from the Butcher Shop. Yesterday he brought up and prepared the best sauteed shrimp ever. I have eaten shrimp prepared in other ways. Not as many as Forrest and Bubba talk about, but a few. The very best for me Roger Scott and my newly fine tuned body is the sauteed way from the Butcher Shop. Yes B-Tine from sales helped him in the later stages. Thank you Al. Now as far as our buddy Mike of Krazy Mikes he was a big tease. He was supposed to bring us wings today but the wait he is also B-Tines account. That explains the no-show.. Thank goodness Andrea, trainer to the stars, brought up some pumpkin cookies and David was able to get to some vending machine chips. Tommy couldn't eat anyway because he had a medical procedure. Not sure what it is exactly Tommy is having done but he did want me to take all his pants to a seamstress and have the inseam 'let out'.

 In the words of Sheriff Buford T. Justice...."What is the world coming to Junior"? Anytime I can search for and provide some Sheriff Justice video it will be done. You're welcome. The skies opened up and the snow just stared coming down and the entire city went into a panic. I admitted in this column in the past I am now a pud when it comes to the wintry weather. I was commissioned by Tommy to drive him to the hospital and then take him home. As it turns out when I dropped off Tommys pants his wife called and said she had him covered. I started on my way and after pulling over and crying I got back on the road and made it home. But not before I stopped and picked up an Arkansas Times, pack of smokes, and a comb.

We had a Miss America Vanessa Williams on the show this morning. We don't have the audio cause Danny-Joe was busy with the school closings and keeping up with his son Austin. DJC hates snow days. Anywho, I have a little Vanessa for you. Man I love me some Vanessa Williams. Maybe it's the movies she has been in, her music, or yea it could be the spread she had in Penthouse. Whatever the reason you can't deny her talent. I wonder if she has any college eligibility left? No not that kind of talent. I have that edition of Penthouse. I'm gonna go look for it now. Where's my new comb?

Have a safe weekend ya hear!

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