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Sunday Bloody Sunday

2/7/2011 11:12 AM

Big Benn throws two picks. One of them a pick six. 1250 fans lose their seats or are relocated. The snow and ice cost the stadiums surrounding communities tens of millions of dollars. The Hog basketball teams loses another home game. All of these pale in comparison to what Christina Aguilera did. She managed to sing the National Anthem in broken English, omit one sentence, and add a new phrase. did the former Mouseketeer really say reaming? Really? Reaming? Well The Show With No Name gave an opinion and I guess I was kinda hard on her but come on it is the National Anthem. A song you said you have sung since you were seven years old. Vanessa Williams said that the song is recorded so there wouldn't be such an embarrassing mistake in front of the millions looking on during the Super Bowl. Now I don't know if the former Miss. America was mistaken or what. I do however feel that the way that we as a people jump on and go for the jugular like a crocodile does a wildebeest that the next performer of that song, at that game, better record it or have a Karaoke machine handy.

That does it for football until spring practice begins. And with our basketball team being such a....such a....oh lets face it they really are not as good as we were oh say ALMOST TWENTY YEARS AGO team. You know what? Who is for that matter? I said it and I'll say it again.....Let Coach Pelphrey stay on and work his and only his recruits next year and if that doesn't work he will leave on his own. Who's kidding who. If John Pelphrey does finally become a success at Arkansas he will move on in hopes of one day leading his alma mater Kentucky. I can only echo what my friends David Bazzel and Jennings Osborne would say...Stay Strong John....stay strong!

I could ramble on and on but I won't. I did that in the second paragraph anyway. I almost forgot about our guest today. Harlem Globetrotter a native Arkansan Herbert 'Flight Time' Lang and former Washington General and native of Curmudgeonville Harry King. I know deep down Harry likes me. If he didn't he wouldn't take the time to spit at me when he leaves.

Tomorrow on the show there is a good chance we start talking about The Babe Bracket or Mount Rushmore of things we haven't put on Mount Rushmore.

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