The Show With No Name

What Else Would It Be?

2/9/2011 12:23 PM

Just as I had the pointer over the save button for the blog I lost the feed! What else could it be but SNOW! Miss Lindy came in and did an abbreviated segment on The Show With No Name and then Brian Boitano'd out of the Signal Media parking deck. Miss Lindy? That sounds like the perfect name for a pre-school teacher doesn't it. Well when she comes on with us Wednesday mornings I'm sure she feels like she is surrounded by a bunch of snot nosed adolescents. Steve 'Wildman' Wilson came in before the snow had made an appearance outside the studio windows. Of course this snowfall is baby stuff compared to what that guy gets involved with. 'Wildman' is a mans man and I'm a mans.....mans.....manservant! Here I am in my hotel room too worried about driving home and getting back tomorrow morning and he is out baiting Canadian snow geese and examining bear poop for heart-worms. The bears not his. I think. 

Tomorrow on the show I'm sure we will talk more about this snowfall and what you did in it today. I got it! Mount Rushmore of snowfalls since you've been alive!

One last thing. One year ago yesterday was the big snow storm of 2010. It was also the day we laid to rest my friend Dewey Ray Chism. He was a very kind person and would do without so others wouldn't have to. I think of him very often. "Oh yea....The Monk."

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