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It Was a No-Brainer

2/10/2011 11:05 AM

It was a no-brainer that The Show With No Name would talk about the weather though wasn't it? You're welcome. We discussed the not-so-fan favorite coach of our beloved Arkansas Razorbacks. We have been so far removed from the 40 Minutes of Hell that we would settle for a little 40 Minutes of I'm Gonna Git Chu! I am not an advocate of having anyone be fired. It is easier to draw unemployment. I'm just saying. Shoot, Coach might even draw the max amount. 

Jennifer Beals came on touting her new show on Fox, Chicago Code. I'm sure it will be a good show but what do I know. She is Flashdance plain and simple. Of course any true movie buff will remember Farley in Tommy Boy. It's at the end of the clip  but what else do you have to do you're reading this. Don't get me wrong. I appreciate it but don't you think it's time you put down the Atari, find a chick, and give you're moms curtains a break. I'm just asking.

Oh yea. Did you hear my buddy David Bazzel say he spent multiple hours yesterday doing his taxes (whatever that means) and then an hour or so before mid-night go outside, get frost bitten by doing a half winged snow angle, lose his phone and keys in the snow angle and then have to tear up said snow angle looking for them? Then as pretty as you please walk around his neighborhood for another hour singing and whistling. No there doesn't have to be a funny punch line. I'm worried 'bout him. He is now blaming it and anything he may do in the future on Diet Coke.  

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