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Friday....Never Needed You More

2/11/2011 11:29 AM

I never looked forward to a T G I F as much as I have today. The snow is going to get a good melting today and by this time Monday the roads should be great. At least they will much different looking they they do to me today because once I get home I will be treating my recliner to a little me time. I have everything set for Valentines Day and am certain Samantha will be more than pleased.

It was more than a skeleton crew in the office today. In the studio all the usual suspects were in as they have been all week. Now I can't speak for Randy Rainwater but then again I don't believe anyone can.Tommy had to leave early today and didn't get a chance to talk with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

Like I said Tommy was out early today. He will be back. That was not for sure known one year ago today. That was the day The Outlaw said he was stepping away from the radio for awhile and I got the now famous "Start Packing" text from B-Tine followed by a phone call from David Bazzel that changed my path. Now I have been told I am a great suck-up. If saying that I am proud to be with Signal Media, excited to be working on a daily basis with Tommy, David, and Crofford, making extra coffee for Justin 'The Architect' Acri, having Lindy give me that look that says do not come in my office, vacuuming Steve Jonssons office on the weekend, (don't say anything) being treated so warm and welcomed by Dian Porter-Butterfield. If that is sucking up then call me Roger 'Hoover Vac' Scott! And one more wait I forgot something for Valentines day.  

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