The Show With No Name

Got The Withdrawls!

2/15/2011 11:17 AM

It's not even been a week and a half yet and The Show With No Name couldn't wait to talk some football. Granted it was a couple of guys in particular and not about the league or our favorite team but there will be a time when we will be suffering big time with withdrawls and talk about the best movies with fingers being cut off. No....wait....we did that one today too. We are men and we are lonely this time of year. What do you want? Hocker versus Lugi? This morning it was fun and informatively cool if you will. New ASU RedWolves Head Coach Hugh Freeze. After Coach Freeze his most famous pupil and subject of the movie The Blind Side Michael Oher was speaking about his autobiography The Blind Side and Beyond. Harry King was in this morning with a post Valentine report. Yea right. Harry King and love talk? He hates it when I hug him. I'll break him down. It's a good versus evil thing. Today we had fun remembering the best football movies. David likes him some We are Marshall, Crofford is....I don't it's Wildcats with Goldie Hawn or Unnecessary Roughness, I dig Brian Song, and RJ was giddy as a toddler with his diaper off running thru the outside sprinkle system about Any Given Sunday. The beauty is we can all have a favorite and tolerate the others cause we are guys and we need FOOTBALL! We did discover that if David Bazzel was a chick we would consider him high maintenance. Not that there is anything wrong with that. It's just that he/she would not have anything to do with low brow Neanderthals like us so we would say there is something wrong with her. It's what guys do. See above....Hocker vs Lugi talk!

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