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2/16/2011 11:12 AM

No we didn't have John Stamos on The Show With No Name. We did have a close second helping us out in the form of a Texan named RJ Hawk. I told RJ that we might have Stamos in the studio this morning and the next thing I know Mr. Hawk takes off his shirt and starts doing Party Pump Push-UPs to impress John Stamos. Oh to be young again. Steve 'Wildman' Wilson brought Marty in studio today and talked about Hunt-Fest 2011. Lindy and trainer to the stars Andrea were in to talk about the dos and don'ts at the gym. They were very passionate in their concerns. HOGS B-BALL TONIGHT (had to give you a little sports) Anyway, if those two weren't enough to wet your hottie appetite how about KATV reporter Michelle Rupp.Now while RJ was busy looking out of the producers studio waiting on John Stamos and getting ready to run with Michelle Rupp, he somehow gave me a copy of our David Bazzel appearing on the Saturday Buzz show Weekend Gardener from several months back. Well since I have it here I might as well let you hear huh?

Not sure when Tommy will be back if at all this week. David, Danny-Joe, RJ,and I will be back tomorrow with more Stupid Questions, Beat the Bazz, Trivia, The Govenor of California and we hope YOU!

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