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2/23/2011 10:51 AM

The 'Wildman' was up talking fishing tournaments. This one is to help pay for the processing of the 60,000 lbs of deer meat donated to the homeless shelters this past year. 

Joined on The Show With No Name from his home in Canada this morning was Rubin 'Hurricane' Carter. In prison for 20 years for a crime he did not commit, Carter was speaking about the re-release of his book. 'Hurricane' says this will be the last book you get from him. It's all in this one he says.

Today was filled with Rants from celebrities. Whether they be college coaches like Mike Gundy or Dan Hawkins. Might be actors and entertainers like Alec Baldwin and The King of Rock&Roll Elvis Presley. Lindy stopped by and David is just about ready to unleash the newest version of the Babe Bracket. The locale part that is. This year Commish Bazzel will solicit your input for hottest teachers, waitress, and possibly public service 'teams'.

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