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He Did What To The Chicken!

2/24/2011 12:43 PM

Today on The Show With No Name we had all the goings on in and around town this weekend. Greg Hatcher was pimping the Wrestling Championships. Sub Zero MMA fights at Wild Wood Saturday night. I happen to know a thing or two about that. I was the announcer for some local bouts for three years. I have an announcers license. What? Did you think I got in the squared circle and go toe to toe with an opponent? Of course you didn't. I did talk trash under my breath though. Hey laugh if you want. Some of those chicks were HUGE! Janet Carson bragged about the Flower and Garden Show at the Statehouse Convention Center and the HBA Home Show at Verizon. Both events will be hosted by the only person that knows all about home decor and plants, David Bazzel. Oh yea therer is a RV-Boat and Tackle Show in Mob Town (Hot Springs) Fri-Sun. 

David told me that the first person that saw him and asked why he wasn't on the show this morning that he was missed and that I was talking about my man boobs! First, yes we missed David being on the show. Who wouldn't. The guy is a mans man and takes no prisoners. He is the bull in the ring. Secondly, again yes I mentioned my man boobs. The jokes on the listener because my sensei David Bazzel knows that I struggle with those but vows through hard work consisting of bench presses and flys I will have the pecks that men and women will envy! How dare someone make light of my plight.

Oh my goodness I almost forgot the story in todays paper on the guy who urinated on $500 hundred worth of chicken at a local Kroger! We had some hard belly laughs thinking of all the scenarios of what it must of looked like to the folks that caught him. Turns out Tommy has a neighbor with the same name as the chicken hater and the guy works at Kroger! If I may borrow from Danny-Joe Crofford....I'm Just Saying!

That should do it for now. I just through working out in Cabot and I'm blogging this in the parking lot of the Walmart in Jacksonville. That's right I'm snagging a little WI-FI. I had to get this done because I have an appointment to get a facial at 2:00 pm. I feel pretty....oh so pretty...I feel pretty and witty and gay...Wait..that's not what I mean!

Tomorrow Western Sizzlin is the Buzz bargain of the day and they feed us and give you half off. Also Academy Awards talk and more on the great win by the Hogs over Kentucky last night.  

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