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Shake, Rattle, And Roll!

2/28/2011 11:15 AM

I have survived my first....and I hope last EARTHQUAKE! Arkansas has had over a dozen or more earthquakes the last couple of months with them happening more frequently the last few weeks. Last night just after 11:00, I was awaken in my slumber just as I was about to host Saturday Night Live a week after I won the Academy Award for Best Actor portraying myself from a teenager to my mid-fifties. One of the things that swayed the Academy in my favor was that I never used make-up in the entire movie titled....Roger Scott...Who? Anyway when the rumbling started I thought it was a low flying helicopter searching the area for marijuana patches. It happens...I've been told. I suppose since there were no injuries I'll say it was pretty cool but that's enough with the earthquakes as far as I'm concerned. 

The Show With No Name was live on location at it's exclusive Dodge-Chrysler-Jeep sponsor Fletcher Dodge. Frank Fletcher told us about the fun time he had at the Governors Mansion and the surprise goodbye he sprung on the Honorable Mr. Bebee. Mr Fletcher is also a man that gets what he wants and he wanted Razorback Basketball coach John Pelphrey to enlighten us this morning. Guess who called us? No not him try again. That's right Coach Pelphrey. We didn't have to call Harry King because on Mondays Harry does the calling.

Seems as though former Hog QB Ryan 'Big Tex' Mallett hurt his draft pick slot because he's not as polished as Cam Newton and didn't kiss the gluteus maximus of the jock sniffing media. Until Mallett admits to using weed let us let it go. If and when it comes out he did then I will give my very biased and judgemental view.

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