The Show With No Name


3/1/2011 11:20 AM

The Show With No Name was going in a few directions today. Come to think of it that's the way we roll everyday. You're welcome! Today we had a bit of beaver steak. Maverick caught the beaver, skinned it, quartered the huge rodent, and cooked it up for us this morning. I didn't even shave. I like my beaver a little more well done. But so as not to offend our guest I had a bite. I was full from my morning banana so that's all I could Tommy would have eaten more if not told it was beaver. David is working on his 30th high school reunion and only eating grilled beaver at the moment. Crofford just heard "I got food". And no amount of great value catsup (the proper spelling by the way) could improve the taste to my liking.

Did you know that the Guess Who song American Woman was an anti America song? Me either! The Outlaw dropped that bomb on his unsuspecting minions today. Did Elvis ever do a song like that? Roger Miller? Judy Garland? Yea I said it! Judy 'freakin' Garland! I'm through with Guess Who. As soon as I up my itunes account, they're O U T! Lenny Kravitz sings it better anyway. Yea I said that too! At least he's American. No wait that's worse isn't it. 

We did give a healthy portion of thought to Charlie Sheen. David Letterman had the Top Ten  Charlie Sheen excuses a few weeks ago.

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