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Yesterdays Gone

3/4/2011 12:32 PM

Danny-Joe Crofford and I worked on todays prank call until a little after 1:00 yesterday. You can hear that in a bit. Anyway, afterwards I went to Cabot to workout with Tommy for an hour and then back to Little Rock to my gym with Justin and RJ. David Bazzel was there but he had on his ipod and more focused than we were. That's the reason I was derelict in my duties in writing yesterdays blog. The Show With No Name had on The Worlds Smallest Elvis in Danny Frasier Wednesday. That program was heard by the Governor of Arkansas Mike Bebee. He invited the whole crew up to the capitol to listen to another Elvis impersonator later that day. That's right the business of the state was put on hold so the morning crew could hear this guy. Cody Slaughter is from from Harrison and has a huge fan in Gov. Bebee. Add Tommy, David, DJC, and myself to that fan club now. We had a strange 911 call with Paula Abdul. Of course when is a 911 call normal.That's going to do it for Thursday.

Hello Friday! Yesterday is indeed gone but after my two-a-days at the gym my biceps are as big as a...a....large fruit. Special guest in the studio today was Rick Bezet Lead Pastor and Executive Pastor Harry Bates of New Life Church of greater Little Rock. Former Razorback and current Atlanta Falcons defensive end was in town to sign autographs and talk to kids about ....well hold on his mom Karen Anderson called this morning let her tell you please and thank you. The prank call to Eddie Utchman went well and he was a great sport. Thanks to DJC for his huge help. More of those to come.

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