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Jump Ball!

3/7/2011 12:02 PM

Live from my Hometown! This morning The Show With No Name broadcasting from Hot Springs and the H.S. Civic and Convention Center for the Sunbelt B-Ball Tournament. Always nice to stay in Hot Springs whether it is for Oaklawn, a Sunbelt event, or whatever, takes care of us. Today the obvious talk would be ASU vs UALR. Not so fast my friend. With the Razorbacks losing AGAIN this past weekend you would know talk had to center around will he stay or will he go. Pelphrey that is. Head Hog...dead man coaching. I say give him another year. It's his contract. I know they can cut him and all the contract will mean is he will at least get paid. Coach doesn't want to lose his gig. How will it look that he didn't fair too well at the U of A to other schools? Does that become a factor in his immediate future? If so, for that point alone he wants to keep working and he DANG sure doesn't want to be labeled a quitter if he resigns after the SEC tourney as some have suggested. I'm just saying and I just said it.

You know I'm in Hot Springs and my momma is in Hot Springs. I'm going to see her right now and tell her how Tommy and David bullied up on me this morning when I suggested, no stated that all Bar B Q joints are closed on Mondays. Oh yea and I will inform her how Stubbys dissed me and now McClards won't return my calls. Oh well, she will tend to my tears....I don't mean tears that was a bad choice of words. There is no crying in radio. Well there is when the ratings come back but I'm not crying. I'm not! It's just my eye water reacting to a scene being played out in my head movies.

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