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Tournament Tuesday

3/8/2011 3:10 PM

The Show With No Name finished its stay in Hot Springs today talking about the UALR Trojans. Sure we did the obligatory talk on John Pelphrey but the Trojans Basketball teams, men and women, are playing for the Sunbelt Tournament Championship. An automatic spot in the NCAA National Championship Tournament is the prize. As I write this the Lady Trojans have defeated Western Kentucky 65-59 and are going dancing. How 'Bout Dem Lady Trojans! The fellas play at 6:00pm tonight. Go Trojans! Before we left we did chime in on a little Lu Hardin and his troubles which are still coming to light as we I mentioned the bull that jumped the ring and into the stands. The video I wanted to show just wouldn't allow me to link for you to view. I thought about posting a different one. You wouldn't know if it was the right one or not. But I would and I figured if you've seen one 1500 pound snorting snotting bag of hamburger with horns run amok in the stands of Madrid you've seen them all. 

Also while in Hot Springs I gave an impromptu tour of some of my old haunts growing up in Mob Town to James 'B-Tine' Ballentine. We made our way to the spot at Whittington Park where Babe Ruth supposedly hit the longest home run in history according to a new find that will be corroborated or debunked in the next week or two. 'B-Tine' loved me taking him to the Gangster Museum compliments of Robert Raines who stopped by the morning show and presented me with a very sharp Sinatra Fedora. The Museum is a great audio and visual history lesson of Hot Springs with heavy doses of Al Capone and his stay in the city.

The Buzz is hosting the annual Mardi Gras Party and crawfish eating contest at Cajuns Wharf. The dashing David Bazzel will be the Master of Ceremonies. It all starts around 7pm. If you can't make it to Hot springs too see the Trojans we will have the game on the tube. Happy Fat Tuesday and Laissez les bons temps rouler!


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