The Show With No Name

Lets Dance

3/9/2011 3:23 PM

Congratulations to the men and lady Trojans of UALR! They are going dancin! We had the game on The Buzz last night and Ray Tucker on The Show With No Name this morning. Coach Steve Shields was just not available to us this morning. After all who can blame him? He couldn't sleep knowing today was his birthday and he had already been giving his present. Yesterday was the schools AD Chris Petersons birthday and there can't be any guessing on what his wish was when he blew out the candles. Joe Kline sounded a little tired when we called him. It was early this morning so maybe we woke him up. Some might argue that Derek Fisher is the greatest athlete to come out of UALR. At least he is the most well known. OK, still having trouble with those statements? Would you agree that Annette Fisher is his mother? Thank you! You know what's scary is I'm arguing with myself!

Another champion was crowned last nite. This time on the hardwood of Cajuns Wharf. Last years crawfish eating champion is this years champion, Melinda Mayo.

Wednesday is as always Steve 'Wildman' Wilson day and today he brought in a guest. The #5, 5th grade girl archery expert in the world . Just up the road a piece in Batesville lives Celsey Wood. Lindy also brought us up to speed on what's up this week at The Buzz.  

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