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3/10/2011 1:26 PM

Winning! When did you ever think someone would make Gary Busey seem like a rocket scientist? Same here. But Charlie Sheen is working very hard to lay claim to Best Example of a Dumb***! Yesterday or the day before the son of Martin and brother of Emilio appeared on the Dan Patrick Show and remarked about Ryan Mallett. Now being an Arkansas boy we can talk about the alleged dope smoking of Ryan but I be dadburned if some else can! Some think that the joking will hurt Mallett in the draft. I happen to think it will not. Besides, there may be some endorsement money in it for him. "Hi, I'm Ryan Mallett. After playing on artifical grass all day, at night I like to unwind with the real thing. That's why I use ZigZag. SMOOOOOTH." I'm just saying.

We had some good laughs today. David was all over our guest, Show With No Name Trainer to the Stars Andrea about her attire and then made comments concerning my cross dressing habits. All along knowing that he was and is as we speak getting a facial at Advanced Day Spa!

Oh man you have got to check out the upcoming shows at Verizon Arena. Bob Seger, James Taylor, and more. Michael Marion and Jana were up today to tell us.

There is some stock car racing going on in Batesville, Arkansas and Nascar driver Ken Schrader invited you come have some fun and get your 'Treadneck' fix. Also, former KATV reporter and now Golf Channel correspondent Holly Saunders checked in with us. David says she still wants to be in the Babe Bracket.

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