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3/14/2011 4:00 PM

BOOM! The Show With No Name was without David Bazzel today. As big a loss as that is for Tommy to have to deal with, Jeff Long gave him and every other talk show in the state of Arkansas show prep.  The search is on for the next man to coach our beloved Razorbacks. With all due respect to Pat Summitt of Tennessee and Tara VanDerveer of Stanford the next basketball coach for THE Arkansas University will be a man. It's in the Geneva Convention. Harry King made his weekly appearance in studio today to enlighten us on the goings on up on the hill and did his best to prove to me that he doesn't like me. I swear the only way I will get to know him better is if I move in with him for a month or two. I'm just not sure the nursing home will approve. Seriously though, Harry is great to have around although it freaks me out when he calls me Pres. Coolidge. 

How about those Trojans! THE Little Rock University is going to the big dance! Tuesday night UALR will be in the very first game of this years tournament to be played in Dayton, Ohio against UNC Asheville at 5:30 p.m. our time. UALR, making its fourth NCAA Tournament appearance in school history, will be one of eight teams playing in the First Four at University of Dayton Arena. Coach Steve Shields called us just before boarding the plane for the birthplace of Orville Wright.

Today also marked the unveiling of this years Tommy Smith Babe Bracket at Gusanos in Little Rock and Conway. Only the Local Media and National Celebrity brackets have been displayed at those locations. The newest and if I say so myself most anticipated bracket in years will be displayed Tuesday or Wednesday by its commissioner David Bazzel. This bracket consists of local everyday honey hotties. Represented will be teachers, waitresses, and women in public service.  As I mentioned before David was out of the studio this morning fighting crime and stopping rude behavior in others. He will return Tuesday.

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