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Play It Again Sam

3/15/2011 11:40 AM

The Show With No Name had everyone back this morning. David Bazzel and the haters. We on the morning show apologize to all the folks that have been offended. Go ahead and take a handful of apologise for the next time I hurt your feelings cause I know I will. As mentioned David Bazzel made a triumph return today. He has slimmed down now to his playing weight. I'm not talking 'bout his football playing weight. Speaking of playing. John Pelphrey will not be playing Razorback coach anymore you know. Wrote a song about. Pelphrey Got Fired! Want to hear it? Here it go! Tommy also broke out some old bits. The chicken farmer, some of my bonehead stuff, Tommy railing on a caller, and even had the now infamous Gentle Ben phone call. The most recent was from Nancy who took issue with The Legend and The Linebaker this past Friday. Now Nancy was just a passionate a caring person that thought alot of John Pelphrey. She has since told Tommy and David she is sorry. I didn't think she said anything that needed an apology given but Nancy did and she stepped up and did it. 

Jenny Finch, female softball player/pitcher called. She is part of a benefit being put on in Bentonville. Listen around the 2:57 mark of the conversation with Jenny and David Bazzel. His voice gets quieter as he transitions from interviewer to single guy with a chick on the phone!

I know  there are a ton of folks that want to get back to those glory days with the Hogs. Me too! It just can't be but we can look back. Look at Corlis and Scotty. Those were the days.

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