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3/16/2011 12:33 PM

The University of Little Rock Trojans did themselves and the state of Arkansas proud last night at the NCAA Tournament in Dayton, Ohio. UALR came up short in O.T. 81-77 to UNC-Asheville. I don't care who you are you have be glad we were represented in the big tourney and this should be just the start of more post season trips for the team. Of course we know the Hogs are still in the hunt for post season play and more immediate is the search for a coach. Say it with me....Wrote a song about it. Want to hear? Here it go! The Search Is On. Hats off to the man that sang that song. I wrote the words and knew I had to give my buddy Garth McGraw a shot at singing it.

We had guest in the studio today in the form of the Trainer to the Stars AndreaSayer. Andrea will be by each week to give a tip or two on getting and staying fit. Also Lindsey Sheltema, the Queen of Arena Motor-Cross called in on her way to Arkansas for the upcoming event at Verizon. Oh yea Lindy had an 8 hour meeting  and could only spend half an hour with us. Steve 'Wildman' Wilson spent the same amount of time but that's what he is supposed to do.

We will be out of the studio the rest of the week. Oaklawn tomorrow and Triple C in Conway on Friday morn. Being out of town Thursday and Friday is one of the reasons Shea from Gadwalls brought us some grub today. Gadwalls is the Buzz Bargain of the week Friday morning. The other purpose for her visit was to show off her assets to the commissioner of the Local Babe Bracket, one David Bazzel. OK I have to be honest. I do sneak a peek when the ladies come-a-calling. Oh please! like you don't sit there in your cubicle or grandmas basement or your car with your laptop stealing some WI-FI from Walmart at exit 123 in Bryant! Yes YOU! Come on in the water is fine.

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