Monday in The Zone we get your Gameballs and we get your Jockstraps! In this two part segment that I pieced together, we hear both Justin and Patrick’s Gb’s and Js’s from the weekend. Justin's team lost and he was not a happy camper. The Hogs really stunk it up on the hardw... Read More >
Thursday’s in The Zone during NFL season its #Stoerntalk! Special thanks to D-1 Sports for sponsoring the segment. Clint joins us to talk about this Sunday’s games. Here is a special picture of Stoerner in his early days of playing football. From The Pryor Center for Oral and Visual ... Read More >
It was a wild and wacky Wednesday in The Zone! The Hogs played last night so that means we have Pat’s 3 pointers today. Remember to listen to the Gwatney Chevrolet Post Game Show following every Razorback Basketball game hosted by Pat along with Matt Jones. Acri lost a bet to a fellow named... Read More >
Each Tuesday for the next few months The Zone will be on the road and live from UCA. Today was our first trip that way for basketball season and we are joined by everyone's favorite Christina Madsen. Justin is proud of his new gig as the basketball play by play guy for UCA as are the rest of ... Read More >
It was a busy day in The Zone today. We have Trey Schapp down in Texas providing us with College Championship coverage. Before we get to that, we had to talk about the NFL. The Broncos and Cowboys got beat out last night. For folks around here, the Cowboys loss seemed to be the bigger point of con... Read More >
Friday in The Zone we wrapped up our 2014 year in review. We had fun looking back at the year that was but we are even more excited to see what 2015 has in store. The Hogs are at it again this weekend on the hardwood floor. As always, Pat gives us his keys to the game. As a treat, here is a pictu... Read More >
We finally got Pat Bradley back today in The Zone. He was stuck in Chicago last night at the airport and the poor guy had to sleep on a cot with a bunch of weirdo’s. His mother was worried sick but he made it back before the end of the show in one piece. Before he arrived we were joined for s... Read More >
Monday in The Zone we start our Year in Review. Before we kick that off, there was plenty of NFL talk to get to. The Cowboys won and we discuss that and more in this segment. We also talk some Razorbacks. Joining us for this segment was Robbie Neiswanger from the Arkansas News Bureau. Here is... Read More >
Well we had some celebrating to do today! The Hogs put an epic beating on Texas last night. Rj was hosting the show today and being from Texas he was a little bummed but we managed to talk plenty about the Hogs win. We also hear from Jim Harris. He was up in the press box for the game and gives ... Read More >
Today in The Zone we have all of your Texas Bowl coverage. Live from Houston we had our guys Clint Stoerner and Wally Hall. In this segment we have a special Monday edition of #Stoerntalk as we preview tonight’s highly anticipated game. Since Rj was hosting today and Clint was on they got i... Read More >

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