A special day in The Zone is when we get to visit the Jacksonville Museum of Military History. This is the second year in a row we were able to do this and it's great every time. Thanks to everyone who has served and is serving in the military, it is a safer and better world because of you. ... Read More >
Of course our discussion to start the show began with Penn St. and Joe Pa. we tried to list where this sex scandal ranked in terms of off-field horrific incidents. Others that came to mind were the Mike Vick dog fighting ring, the 1996 Olympic bombing in Atlanta, '72 Munich Olympics. All horr... Read More >
Big news out of Oxford, MS, that I'm sure everyone has heard about and everyone has an opinion on. Whatever side you fall on, Coach Nutt has provided heated conversation for many years. It's no where as bad as what is going on at Penn St. The former asst. coach was arrested on 40 counts o... Read More >
Another wild and wacky weekend from the world of football. Gameballs to Arkansas, Arkansas St. and UCA for wins over the weekend. The HOgs moved BACK in the latest BCS ranking to #8, so I guess big smelly Jockstrap to the BCS rankings, but it's all the computer's fault. As always, it will... Read More >
We had great fun at Verizon Arena for "Get In The Game". There was 8,500 jobs available as of Thursday. We had the Arkansas State Police, Coast Guard and a character from US Steel on the show. Thanks to South Carolina play by play man Todd Ellis for joining us in The Zone. The all time... Read More >
We still had more talk on Wade's hit on the vandy punt returner that got him booted from the game. He says he thought he had the ball and I believe him but that didn't stop the SEC from suspending him from the South carolina game Saturday. UALR Head Coach Steve Shields joined us on the pho... Read More >
Lotta movement in college football over the weekend. Hogs won a close one at Vandy, their kicker missed a chip shot as time ran out. Hate to see anyone crumble under the pressure that way. I'd rather see my team go out and win as opposed to having some poor kicker shank it in fromt of his hom... Read More >
It was just one of those today when we couldn't get anything to work for me from the SEC Bball Media Day in Birmingham. It started out a great day at 6:15 am, I waddled down to the hotel not too long after that and set up my equipment right in front of the main interview room. I was poised to ... Read More >
Thanks to all the folks at Landers CDJ in Benton. The captainof the ship, Rodney "Money Back" Plack, came on to chat abou their great deals and challenge me and Justin to a sell-off! First one to refer 5 sales to CDJ will get to drive the new 2012 Charger. It's a beast and if you he... Read More >
All the talk was the World Series to kick off the show today. The Cards left 9 runners in scoring position, not just left on base. They also were a part of one of the strangest moments in recent World Series memory, Tony LaRussa put the wrong pitcher in. Apparently, when he called to the bullpen ... Read More >

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