We capped off a generous week by giving away 2 more tix to the Hog vs Bama game. We took it outside this time and had a football throwing contest that proved to be impossible. Great idea Justin and Trey, but the good news is we finally gave the tix away Read More >
Alabama radio man Eli Gold entered into The Zone to give us his take on the game, Ingram and as always a little NASCAR.  Read More >
Zone favorites Blackberry Smoke came on today to talkin about their gig at Denton's in Benton. Singer/guitarist Charlie Starr called in to shed some light on what they've been up to and some college football. Website of The Week is www.ehow.com. Get on there to find out how to do anyth... Read More >
The hype is here for Saturday's showdown with Alabama. And why shouldn't it be? Defending national Champs, defending Heisman winner, Nick saban, #1 Bama. So two top ten teams, two Heisman contenders on each sideline and everybody in the country drooling over this. Our main tropical nutca... Read More >
So now we see what Ryan Mallett can do under pressure. Basically a minute left, tie game, then 3 passes later.....boom....TD! Great win heading into the big Alabama game. How about a little friendly mascot fight for y'all. Check it to see who whoops who. Clint Stoerner flew into the Zone to... Read More >
Thanks to Ronnoe cates and all the fine folks running Smoke On The Water in Pine Bluff for hosting us. I went out to Eden's Park CC in the Bluff to have one of the best steaks in town. I Read More >
We talked with Christopher Walken today, well actually it was Chris Cuilla doing a fantastic impression. Here's what he has to say about college football, Ryan Mallett and how we met on the streets of Everett. We also had Georgia sideline commentator Loran Smith on to brreak down his side of t... Read More >
A TV AZteca reporter Inez Sains caused a little stir....ahem...in the Jets locker room a few days ago. If you're not sure why then click on this for a picture and story. And to everyone who thinks Randy Moss is going to be a problem for the Patriots this season then click here for proof he'... Read More >
Oh boy....what a weekend. Hogs win, Patriots win...life is where it should be. Mallet tossed it around for 400 yds and 3 TD's and the Hogs had some issues running the ball but laid UL-Monroe out 31-7 in Little Rock. Huuuuuuuge Gameball to Lindy and Matt and all the Buzz staff who put on the B... Read More >
Friday's during football season we could literally do an 8 hour show. There is THAT much info plus tons of guests and plenty of callers wanting to weigh in on the weekend's games. Thanks to Chris Bahn from www.ArkansasSports360.com for coming on and talking Hog football. We had Lee Sterli... Read More >

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