Thanks to Phil "The Mic" Elson for The Travs for hanging in The Zone while Justin was enjoying himself swimming miles upon miles in the Gulf of Mexico. All reports indicate he's taken over! The people have spoken! Here's who you voted to move onto the next round: Wayman Tisd... Read More >
Kobe vs Reggie Swinton and Ozzie vs Wayman Tisdale  Read More >
Suddenlink in Cabot has what you need so come on by for the fastest internet available and FREE INSTALLS! 1421 S. 2nd St., cabot. Thanks to Karen and her spoiled kid Dalton and of course Curtis "almost 50 Cent" Jackson. Congrats to Curtis Booth for winning Eagles tix! ATHLETES WANNA BE ... Read More >
Check out today's quarterfinals matchups: John Daly vs Carl Lewis Oscar De La Hoya vs Ron Artest  Read More >
Our favorite Lindy battled long haired lawyer Chris Givens about whether cheerleading should be considered a sport. Givens of course thinks cheerleading shouldn't be considered a sport and basically talked down to Lindy the whole time. Former Valparaiso cheerleader Lindy Blackstone laid out a ... Read More >
Check out Justin Acri's 40 Under 40!!! Read More >
Kobe Bryant vs Roy Jones Jr Walter McCarty vs Reggie Swinton  Read More >
Great day in The Zone! We're making out way thru our Athlete's who think they're musicians bracket. Here's who you voted on to advance today: Oscar Ozzie Wayman Tisdale USA all the way my friends! ! to nil.....take that Algeria. You messin' with the best when you ta... Read More >
Click to listen to Oscar De La Hoya vs Click to listen to Shaq Click to listen to Tony Parker vs Click to listen to Ozzie Smith Click to listen to Wayman Tisdale vs Click to listen to Chris Webber Read More >
Thanks to Taekwon Lee for coming into the studio to talk about the American Taekwondo Associaton Championships. Little Rock's hosted the ATA Championships for 20 years!!! for more info. Thanks to Jim Harris from We got into some world cup and golf... Read More >

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