Our official Oaklawn hadicapper Jeff Taylor's picks for today. In race #1, we have the 2 horse, JILLY FROM PHILLY. In race # 2, it's the 4 horse, FAYOUM. In the feature, the 7 horse, STRYKER and the longshot is in the 7th race, #8 GALLOPING GULCH. Read More >
Official Oaklawn hadicapper, Jeff Taylor's picks for today. In race #1, we have the 6 horse, SCHMOOZING. In race # 2, again it's the #6 horse, HERECOMESTHEMANNOW. In the feature, again the 6 horse, WIN WILLY and the longshot is in the 5th race, #5 SHERRIF HOTDOG. Website of The Week today ... Read More >
Florida Coach Billy Donovan joined us in The Zone today and delivered with one of the station's greatest interviews. He talked about his own success at Florida with two national championships and gave his support to John Pelphrey and what fans should expect from their program. Click here for t... Read More >
The Wheel Of Wonder featured Fight The Freak....but it really wasn't a fight because he smothered everyone like tasty open faced sandwich. We all continue to sympathize with the people of Haiti and all those living in the US with families and friends in Haiti. Zone favorite and Haitian-America... Read More >
Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day!!! We're calling for everyone to replace your cellphone ringtone with his "I have a dream" speech. Big NFL weekend. Three blowouts and one big surprise. Gameball to Old Man Favre and the Vikings and the Rookies Rex Ryan and Mark Sanchez for helping... Read More >
Lane Kiffin gave Tennessee 14 good months...and then left them high and dry three weeks before signing day for the sunny beaches of southern California and his "dream job". Broken promises and unfulfilled goals will continue to be synonymous with a man who clearly has limited intelligence... Read More >
Mark McGwire finally admitted to what we all knew...he used steroids. He claims it was only for health reasons, not to help him hit home runs. Really, Mark? Every athlete's battle is against injury because most athletes' careers are shortened because of them and so aren't their stats. ... Read More >
We started up Read More >
Another show lookin back at 2009....ahh the memories. We covered April through August but the highlight of the day was the interview Billy Bob Thornton did in Canada promoting his band "The Boxmasters", where he was a gigantic jerk. Papa Clem won the Arkansas Derby, Lebron won the MVP an... Read More >
Great weekend in Memphis with a Liberty Bowl victory against East Carolina 20-17 on an Alex Tejada field goal. Plenty of Gameballs for the city of Memphis for the hospitality and great barbeque we got full on the entire weekend. Big NFL Sunday with wins by the Cowboys and Jets. The both play have... Read More >

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