Come and visit us! The Zone is out today at Sportclips in Conway and tomorrow at the 13th tee box at Pine Bluff Country Club for our annual celebration of tradition-rich Pine Bluff. Hang out, get some great Buzz gear and have fun with the Zone! Thursday and Friday this week from 10-1! Read More >
The Zone guys spoke to MC Hammer on Thursday while we were live at SportClips on Chenal. Thanks to all the fine ladies over there who made us feel right at home. Hammer talked about his career and what he's up to these days including a reality show. Check out the interview here. Trey Schapp ... Read More >
Thanks to Adam Heathcott for calling in today from the Tour de France. He helped develop something for Nike through his work at ad agency Wieden and Kennedy in Portland, Oregon. It's called Chalkbot and you can learn more about it by this link. The cool thing for him is that he has been able... Read More >
VS. ROCKY CADDYSHACK It came down to the wire...but Caddyshack with one of the greatest comedy casts of all times comes back to score a knockout against Rocky to claim the title of "Best Sports Movie of All Time." Chevy Chase, Bill Murray, Rodney Dangerfield AND T... Read More >
The Championship matchup will be set at the end of the show today! The Final Four are: Remember the Titans vs. Caddyshack and The Natural vs. Rocky First one to 20, win by two will put two of these in Monday's final. Renee Sharpiro of KATV and Phillip Martin of the Democrat-Gazette will... Read More >
Thanks to Kara from ZaZa's for bringing lunch today. Good stuff. Since Pat is in Boston all week, Joe and Justin got to eat as much as they wanted. Awesome. We also voted on movies in our 64-film bracket for best sports movie ever. All of the #1 seeds and with the exception of Tin Cup, all ... Read More >
Greatest Sports Movie of All Time round of 32 begins today. Before I get to that I must wonder aloud, is this the year Andy Roddick does it at Wimbledon? Yeah, I don't think so either. We are LIVE at Fireworks World in Sherwood today. Come by and see us and get a heck of a deal on your holid... Read More >
Here are the last of the first round matches in the Best Sports Movie of All Time Bracket. Also I feel compelled to say that while you can make a case for every movie being moved up or down in the seeding, the truly great ones rise to the top regardless of where they are seeded or which movies they... Read More >
2 Field of Dreams vs. 15 Blades of Glory 6 The Sandlot vs. 11 Brewster's Millions 8 Rudy vs. 9 Talladega Nights 7 White Men Can'ty Jump vs. 10 Coach Carter 6 Varsity Blues vs. 11 Ali 1 Rocky vs. 16 Dodge Ball 4 Longest Yard vs. 13 Chariots of Fire 7 Love and Basketball vs. 10 Miracle ... Read More >
We advanced a handful of movies today and bid adieu to Kingpin. Sad. Winners: Hoosiers Remember The Titans Bull Durham Raging Bull The Natural Karate Kid Rocky III Days of Thunder Wildcats and Jerry Maguire  Read More >

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