The Zone


5/2/2011 1:53 PM

It was only a matter of tiime before the boys got to him.  I just wanna know how much did he pee his clths while hiding in that hole when 4 Apache helicopters were whipping all those dusty rocks around his crap hole.  I know there are pics online but I'm gonna hold out to make sure they're real.

This is where he's buried.

Sleeping with the fishes.

It was a big weekend for President Obama, not only did he deliver to the American people the news of Bin Laden, but he also managed to throw a few funny digs at The Donald at The White House Correspondents Dinner over the weekend.

Now on to the NFL Draft.  For those of you who questioned the Patriots pick.  Read this, and this, and this, and this.

Also, congrats to my man DJ Williams.  He's Champ in life and now he's joining the defending Champs Green Bay Packers.

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