The Zone


5/11/2011 1:46 PM

The Zone was back in Memphis for the Grizzlies v Thunder game.  Triple overtime, young stars, great atmosphere and even though the Grizz lost they still have a lot to be proud of.  Thanks to the Grizz staff for making us feel at home.

It all couldn't happen if it wasn't for Shawn at Bryant Brake and Tire.  The man knows how to have a good time and travels like a pro.  Big time Gameball to Acri for weaving in and out of traffic but still getting us to memphis under 3 hours despite all the road closings.  And because of that, he took 10 bucks off Tommy Smith.  At times it looked a little shaky but we ripped through some of the smaller towns in the Buzz truck like a giant bee (The Buzz truck is huge and yellow).

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