The Zone


7/11/2011 2:57 PM

Ok so it is hotter than we have to think about other things like:

Why does Ohio State cheat?

How in the world did the US Women's Soccer Team win that game on Sunday?


Is Hope Solo (pictured above) related to Han Solo?

How in the HELL did Steve Stricker get up and down for birdie from a fairway bunker to win the John Deere?

Who will win the British Open this week?

How much ice will it take to be stuffed down your pants (or in your bra) to reduce your core temp under 109?

The hair band ballad bracket continued on Monday as well...second round winners include:

GNR (twice, Patience over Mr. Big and Nov. Rain over Scorpions)

Motley Crue over Queensryche (tough matchup)

Warrant over Poison's Something to Believe in

Tomorrow it is the rest of the second round and we will set our Elite 8.  Final Four will be played out Wed and the finals on Thursday.  Also make sure you turn in all week for a chance to qualify for a $20,000 man cave!  Make that "person" cave.  Our 1st qualifier was a woman!

  Girl power!



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