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7/14/2011 6:25 AM

Thursday marks the start of the British Open and we were very fortunate to get Sports Illustrated's Michael Bamberger

 on from the UK to tell us about his new book and preview the tourney.  The weather report sort of took care of itself as you can tell if you listen to the interview.

The Zone's Hair Band Ballad Bracket has reached the Final Four.  It was good news bad news for White Lion's When the Children CryIt won in OT on Wed to advance to the round of 8, but then was obliterated by Night Ranger's Sister Christian as that song advanced to the Final 4.  Also in the semi's:

Skid Row's I Remember You


Tesla's Love Song

GNR's Patience

knocked off

Warrant's Heaven 

Motley Crue's Home Sweet Home

won a narrow victory over

GNR's November Rain.

Today it's Skid Row against GNR and Night Ranger against Motley Crue so get your dialin finger ready and get ready to vote!

Also on the show yesterday we had Phil Elson and Todd Traub in and I appreciate them.  Chris Bahn also popped in to talk about the Arkansas Sports 360 Football Preview.

In addition we had another great visit with MTV's Tamar Anitai about the buzzworthy blog and all there is to know in the world of entertainment.  She is always fabulous and loves to play our little games. 

Tune in Thursday for final 4 voting, info on the Steve Shields Bball Camp, highlights and reaction to a big win by the US Women's Soccer team with the help of a couple of UK soccer coaches who are in Bryant for a camp of their own.  Also Spencer from Sync with a preview of this week's edition!





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