The Zone


7/14/2011 2:30 PM

The finals of the Hair Band Ballad Bracket is set with one I expected and one I did NOT.

Motley Crue and Home Sweet Home


Skid Row's I Remember You

Vote tomorrow and be part of one of the most important decisions ever made!

Also talked a lot about the British Open and the women's soccer team winning.  A discussion helped GREATLY by Luke Howells of Wales and Brad Cathie of Scotland who are in the state's helping teach the finer points of soccer to young folks around the region.  this week they are in Bryant.  They also filled us in on haggis (A Scottish foodstuff), driving on the wrong side of the road and why Brits SUCK!  GREAT FUN. 

Also Chris Lowry of UALR was on to talk about Steve Shields camp next week. 

He is one of the best guys of all time.  Sort of makes things even considering the fact that Shields is off his rocker.

Join us tonight at Dentons for Bo Bice of


American Idol fame.  He looks like he could sing you a lullaby and put you to sleep with one punch.  Either way, you get rest so there's that!  He called the Show With No Name this morning if you are interested in hearing what he had to say.  See you there.



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