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7/27/2011 11:08 AM

Which SEC school's bball and football coaches would you rather hanging out with in their school's town?  And you CAN'T pick Bobby Petrino and Mike Anderson.  Seems to be the most popular now is Billy Donovan and Will Muschamp down in Gainesville.  Can't argue too hard against that....

Billy D kicking it with the Great One

Mr. and Mrs. Will Muschamp.....great recruiter!

I have to put Houston Nutt and Andy Kennedy somewhere on the top.  Can you imagine rolling around Oxford with these two guys?  Hitting up The Library then maybe taking a stroll through The Grove after a game.  Good times indeed.

The most popular coach is Spurrier but Darren Horn is along, too.  I'm sure the Ole Ball Coach has a few stories....

Spurrier in his element

Darrin Horn

Thanks to football agent Drew Pittman for calling into The Zone to discuss the end of the NFL lockout and how he sees the how the free agent signings working out.

Drew Pittman

Also MTV's Blogworthy author Tamar Anitai joined us for her weekly segment spreading her knowledge about "The Smurfs", "120 Minutes" and the return of MTV's groundbreaking series hosted by Matt Pinfield.

Tamar Anitai

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