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8/3/2011 5:10 PM

No one wants to believe it but Randy Moss is retiring from the NFL.  Apparently not finding a deal that he liked, he simply called it a career.  Where do you rank him all-time among wide receivers?  Here's a peak at his stats.  Top 5?  Top 10?  I know one thing, he can autotune his butt off.  Here's the greatest autotune of all time.  Enjoy.

It's something every basketball lover has envisioned at some point in their up the hallowed court at Rucker park in Harlem as hundreds watch, yell and storm the court from every angle.  Kevin Durant had that moment on Monday night.  He scored 66 points in a game at legendary Rucker.  Here's the video and article.  And a little added bonus, watch the former Razorback point guard standing sideline watching the Durant show.  I'll give you a hint, he's The Best Kept Secret.

Thanks to Chris Bahn from for calling into The Zone to talk Hog sports.

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