The Zone


8/8/2011 6:56 AM

How undateable are you?  Even if you're married, I'm sure there are disgusting things you do that your wife wishes you wouldn't.  We have a list of 100 things that needs to be brought to the attention of every man.  There's the obvious, like not wearing crocs, to the not so obvious.

Helping us navigate out way through the most common fashion mistakes guys makes is out good friend and owner of EVOLVE men's clothing store.  He laid down the law on the what and what not's.


Just say no.

Thanks to Krazy Mike for fattening us up during the show.  We all basically took a swim in the crawfish bisque it was so good.  Hit the man up for the best wings in town.

And as always thanks to Spence from for breaking down this weeks edition and giving us the haps for the weekend.

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