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8/8/2011 7:08 AM

We were treated to a mid-season top 20 of Freaky Clips of The Week.  Yep, that's right, a compilation of the best and wackiest 20 for this year already.  Freaky Joe is in the giving mood.

Thanks to Chris Bahn from for being on the show today to break down the start of Razorback football practice.  He also talked about how Tyler Wilson being named a captain is a great sign for his progress over the off season.

Mike Johnson, Strongman, called into The Zone to give all the info for this weekend's Strongman competition.  We talked to him about the Atlas Balls and some other new events for these behemoths to compete in.

Up and coming Little Rock boxer, Jonathan Nelson, came up for a visit in studio.  He's trained by his uncle and former Jermain Taylor trainer, Ozell Neslon.  Jonathan is undefeated and working his way to the top.  Find out more about him from what types of songs he walks out to for a fight and where he works part time.  He's a great kid who seems to have watched and learned from guys in the ring and out of it.

Jonathan Nelson

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