The Zone


8/25/2011 2:04 PM

Thanks to Pleasant Valley CC for hosting the Ronald MacDonald House golf tourney fund raiser.  RM House houses the families of kids who are in AR Children's Hospital.  These families travel from all parts of the country to get treatment for their child.  As you can imagine, any help you can give then don't hesitate.  It's for the KIDS!  You can't say no to the kids you cold hearted people.

Billy Corben, director of ESPN 30 for 30 documentary "The U", joined us on the show to talk about what he observed during his time on the small plush campus.  He thinks it's all bullcrap!  Down with super scumbag Nevin Shapiro.  Check out Billy's interview here.

Billy Corben

The saga of the West Memphis 3 has been the talk of the country over the weekend.  We were fortunate to have Felicia Epps from Bowen School of Law on to help us navigate our way through all the legal lingo surrounding this case.  She breaks it all down to our level.  Very helpful stuff.  Check it out here.

The show ended on a great mean note.  We had UALR Head Bball Coach Steve Shields on.  He also spent the next grueling 4 hours playing golf with me and Justin.  The man is a great golfer even with clubs from 1984.

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