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9/2/2011 6:50 PM

We were back in familiar territory, right in the middle of Bear country.  Thanks to all who made it a success.  We were planted in right in the middle of UCA's student Center.  Front row for all the action and those college kids making us feel old.

UCA marketing wiz Matt Jordan joined us off the top of the show to explain how the decision on the purple and grey field went down as well as the changing of the mascots.


Also, matt talked about some changes to the basketball facility so stay tuned for that.

College football handicapper, Brent Crow, made his triumphant return into The Zone.  Take a listen because Brent breaks down this weekend's games and gives you the best places to put your money.

Brent Crow Yeah right, Brent, nice photoshop

UCA Head Football Coach Clint Conque sat down with us and gave all the little details of how he's approaching the Henderson State game.  He also went on to tell us how he scripts out up to as many as the first 14 plays of the game.  Detail, detail, detail.  Gets the players and coaches mind right.

Clint Conque Man on a mission, get outta his way

Keeping in line with another busy day we had Matt Daniel, the successful women's bball coach at UCA.  It's nothing short of remarkable how fast Coach Daniel has seen success.  It's worth a listen to learn of his unique and "weird" recruiting approach.

Matt Daniel Now that looks like a recently happily married man

No show would feel successful without an appearance from the good Dr. Brad Teague, UCA AD.  As always, he broke it down with ease.  Brad's a class act and it's no wonder why the athletic program has remained so successful.  Just look at the murder's row of coaches he's put together and that's your recipe for continued success.

Brad Teague Above reproach

And finally, no show is complete without Head UCA Bball Coach Corliss Williamson.  The always candid and entertaining young coach talked about his preparation for the upcoming season and the schedule.  Also, his thoughts on his former assistant Coach Mike Anderson at Arkansas.  Check out the schedule and head over to a game for some fast, downhill basketball.

Corliss Williamson He cleans up nice

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