The Zone


9/7/2011 12:19 PM

We broke down all the long weekend's games and most of them with Clint Stoerner who is our resident expert football expert. 

 Way to hit the corner big boy

He, of course, wasn't happy about Boise State drilling Georgia.  None of us were actually.  Georgia was exposed and beaten in pretty much all aspects of the game.  For the record, Boise is a good team and deserves most of the credit they deserve.  LSU on the other hand probably surprised most people.  LSU can get it done from every way possible.  Defense, special teams and offense.

Thanks to Chris Kramolis for stopping by with some food and giving us The Average Guy Movie Review of "The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia".  He gave it 4 bananas.

Check out Justin Bieber crossing over Steve Nash.  What's wrong with him, Biebs did him wrong.

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