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9/9/2011 12:17 AM

We didn't have a chance to breathe today.  The studio was packed all the way around.  Of course we started off talking about the now imminent news that Texas A&M will join the SEC, despite any Baylor lawsuits.  We heard about it, now we know, we saw the smoke, now we know there was fire.  I know it looks like college football is moving toward some horrendous version of some mega conferences, but I just don't like it.  Everyone's chasing the money and at some point it will implode.  Sound familiar?

Little Rock Mayor Mark Stodola was our first guest and we appreciate his time.  He broke down the upcoming vote on raising taxes here in the Capitol City by 1 penny.  The Mayor breaks down where all the monies will go.  And it won't be to the trolleys.

Brian Pracht, UA Associate AD for Marketing also joined us on the phone to give us the details of this weekend's Hog football game.  They're calling on all fans to wear either red, white or blue in honor of 9/11.  But there's a catch, the color you wear all depends on the section you sit in.  So you might wanna check out his interview with us.

Once again thanks to Chris Bahn from  Check him ouy online for all you Arkansas sports.

Special thanks to Tamar Anatai of MTV Buzz Blogworthy.  Take a listen but here's a warning.  Way too much Taylor Lautner talk.  Good for you if you don't know who that is.

  Tamar Anitai She loves Taylor's abs


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