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9/9/2011 12:42 AM

Thanks to First Security Bank for having us broadcast today from their branch on Broadway in North Little Rock.  Of course, the Teal Grill was smoking and all the employees were running wild to serve any way possible.  Greatest customer service in history.

We touched on the "super" conferences again.  Most people are expecting 4 of them which adds up to 64 teams.  Leaving out a lot of teams floating in the wind.  I don't like it.

Brent Crow from joined us to give his expert picks for this weekend.  Take a listen for his explanation.

Brent Crow

New Orleans Saints +4.5

Michigan +3.5

South Carolina -3

Auburn +6.5

Good Luck

New Mexico play by play man Scott Galetti called into The Zone and gave us some insight on the Lobos.  The Hogs are a 36 point favorite so there really wasn't much to talk about.  Although, he did make a Nolan Richardson reference so the interview is worth listening to.

Scott Galetti

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