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9/13/2011 11:37 PM

For those of us lucky enough to have watched the Patriots v Dolphins game last night for the first MNF game it leaves you with one question.  If God were to have another son, would he wear #12 for the New England Patriots?  Would he throw 99 yard TD passes with the flick of the wrist?  Would he crush other men's hope and dreams to only then hold one of the most beautiful and wealthy women in the world in his heroic arms?  What if?

 Well done Tom

And here's his angel

DMac came through huge for the Oakland Raiders in the 2nd MNF game of the evening.  He plowed through the Denver Broncos for 150 yards and is basically whooping them every chance he gets.

 Sweet wheels DMac recently came out with a story about an advocacy group who did a study with more evidence on why to pay college athletes.  We spent the better part of an hour discussing this matter.  Check out the article for yourself.  Naturally, most who haven't been in the position of a college athlete find it difficult to imagine that a free college education isn't enough to satisfy all college athlete's needs.  Foolish.

Thanks to Jim Harris from for joining us for his weekly segment.

Chris Kramolis of Tropical Smoothie Cafe stopped in The Zone to give his Average Guy Movie Review of "Conatgion".  You can check out his review on the Buzz website.  He gave it 3 bananas.

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