The Zone


9/14/2011 12:11 PM

I can't imagine anyone trying to break through towards the weekend without help from The Zone.  Another great day of interviews.  It's much better for the listener the less we talk and the more special guests we have on.  So let's get straight to the good stuff.

Chris Doering, former Florida Gator and NFL player, is calling the Hogs v Troy game Saturday on CSS.  The All-World wide receiver talked about how impressed he is with the Razorback wide receivers and his impressions of Tyler Wilson and Brandon Mitchell.

Chris Doering

Thanks Chris Bahn  from for joining us for one his 2 Zone appearances to give us the haps on Razorback football.

It was an honor to have Alonzo Highsmith, father of Arkansas linebacker Alonzo Highsmith.  Senior Highsmith talked about what he's doing now and why he's so impressed with Bobby Petrino.  He played for the U of Miami and let us in on why those guys were so successful.  Great insight from a guy who has seen it and done it on any level and now as a father.

  Alonzo Highsmith

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