The Zone


9/20/2011 10:47 AM

Great sports weekend, we had gameballs and jockstraps flying around the studio at a dizzying pace.  i got hit a few tiimes from an errant jockstrap, we need to be a lot more careful slinging those things around.

Highlight of my weekend, hands down, no question, period point blank was the Mayweather - Ortiz fight and the Mayweather - Merchant post fight fight.  The ending of the fight was one of the most controversial ever.  What Money May did wasn't illegal but some say he still shouldn't have done it.  Everyone agrees you must protect yourself in the ring at all times.  Still, what happened between Floyd and Larry Merchant was priceless.  No way Merchant could kick Floyd's ass 50 years ago.

GAMEBALLS: Ken Duke, Notre Dame, Cam Newton, The U, Vanderbilt and Tony Romo.

JOCKSTRAPS: Larry Merchant and Ole Miss.  I'm feeling real positive coming out of this weekend.

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